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Annual Research And Publication Plan

The organization follows an Annual Research Plan (ARP) for every calendar year and also follows an Annual Publication Plan (APP) following two phases (Jan-June and July-December). It is aimed to disseminate its research findings to national and international communities in a planned manner.
Research plans are drawn mainly from five broad areas, such as,

  1. Social and Gender;
  2. Economics;
  3. Industry, Labor and Business;
  4. Environment and Climate Change and
  5. Crime and Human Rights

It prioritizes the untouched or less studied issues of emerging public interest. The organization considers those important issues where opportunities of getting fund (e.g. research grants, donation, fellowship, etc.) are available or likely to be in place. It also considers the contemporary important issues where it can conduct research with its own fund and capacity, if others’ fund is not available.
The organization also prepares APP to disseminate its research findings in the form of publications from well-reputed publishing houses or agencies. It maintains that ‘no research is recognized as research work unless it is published’ in any well recognized journals or as a book or book chapter. The organization believes that its research findings need to be tested by global scholars of relevant fields, which can be ensured through a peer-reviewed publication process.