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Application of BISR Research Findings

  1. Intimate partner violence during pregnancy has received growing attention.
  2. Victimization survey alerted Bangladesh police about magnitude of unreported crimes
  3. Human rights and good governance have improved with ground level evidences
  4. Alerted Bangladesh police more on technology-based crime which has not yet taken place but has a high possibility
  5. Management of labor unrest in Bangladesh has improved with more pro-active role of Industrial Police and employers
  6. Horrible and cruel crimes have been now better addressed
  7. Proposals of innovative resource mapping techniques have been used in different other projects of the country
  8. Land Zoning has got growing appreciation/ attention in Bangladesh
  9. Willingness to pay for Water Quality has been confirmed and increased in Bangladesh
  10. Coping with climate change by using indigenous knowledge of ethnic communities has increased
  11. Installation of Improved Cooking Stove in Protected Areas of Bangladesh has received increased attention
  12. Community based approach to reduce climate change vulnerability has gained considerable attention
  13. Adverse pregnancy outcomes among the women of reproductive age in coastal area got growing attention from all quarters
  14. Productivity of Haor areas has increased due to use of co-management System
  15. Effectiveness of foundation training course for UP Secretaries has augmented due to assessment of quality of the training
  16. Micro-entrepreneurship development through micro finance has received wider acceptance in urban areas
  17. Development of Bangladesh through active citizen’s participation has increased in multiple sectors
  18. Value chain practice has grown in fishery sector for income generation and economic growth
  19. Has increased the self-financing training courses at NAPD
  20. Has improved the ADP preparation in line with the Five Year Plan (FYP)
  21. Successfully reformed Sheikh Hasina National Youth Center
  22. Since 2009, 100 days work has been introduced in Bangladesh which was proposed as 60 days work for rural unemployed during lean season
  23. Maternity allowance was introduced as a national program through PRSP-II (which was originally conceived as an idea by DORP -NGO)
  24. Developed a method of calculation of compensation package for hawkers and vendors in urban settings of Bangladesh
  25. Research (with BIDS) contributed to introduce the reserve seats for women, old age and children in buses in Dhaka city which has been subsequently introduced all over Bangladesh
  26. National Academy for Computer Training and Research (NACTAR) has noticeably improved the curriculum as per recommendations of BISR research
  27. Problems and prospects of Trade Union Formation in Bangladesh have been accepted as a model study. It was funded by the Commonwealth Trade Union Council (CTCU) and the report was distributed by that organization in 50 countries of the world.
  28. Positive news has grabbed more attention to be reported in the newspapers of the country.