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About Us

BISR Innovation Lab (BIL) is a wing of the Bangladesh Institute of Social Research (BISR) Trust, a leading think tank in Bangladesh. Starting in 2022, the BISR Innovation Lab aims to generate new ideas and knowledge for pragmatic solutions to complex social and environmental problems which are often underrated. It also arranges national and international conferences, workshops, and webinars. The Lab promotes scholarly engagement, collaboration and networking, and professional development of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students and young professionals of social science, environment, or any other relevant backgrounds from around the world who are highly passionate about research and pursuing research careers.

Tasks to perform

BISR Innovation Lab (BIL) promotes three types of innovations which include:

Program innovations: to innovate methods, techniques, interventions, etc. which can solve any social, environmental, or technical problem.

Academic innovation: to develop theories, concepts, methods, or models which can solve any social, environmental, or technical problem.

Technology innovation: to innovate applied technology for addressing small-scale technical problems on the ground.

In addition to that BISR shall provide training/support for innovative research grant proposal development which would enable the young people to get involved in the field of innovation.

Methods to follow:

The following methods are to be applied:

For program innovations, field studies, action research, testing of new ideas, and techniques would be applied.

For academic innovation, creative imagination, going from the known to the unknown, and continuous research work to be carried out.

For technological innovation different small techniques would be applied to address some social needs.


We are currently looking for Student Research Ambassadors (unpaid) or Young Research Professionals (paid or unpaid) throughout the world. If you are interested to workwith us, please send your updated CV with references (max. 4-pages) and a motivation letter (max. 1-page) to: bisr.innovation@bisrbd.org . After an internal evaluation of your interest, you will be notified of our decision within 10 days.


  • Must be enrolled in any university (for students)
  • Must be working for an organization (for young professionals)
  • Possessing the basic knowledge of social/environmental research
  • Good communication skills including the use of social media,fluent in English (speaking and writing)
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Good presentation skill
  • At least 2-hour time commitment per week
  • Attending meeting on occasions
  • Promoting the goals of the Lab
  • Writing article for the ‘Innovation Blog’ of the Lab
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Opportunities to work in BISR research projects with remuneration (part-time)
  • Opportunities to learn cutting-edge research skills
  • Providing support to grant application submission and to publish journal articles
  • Recommendation letter from the BISR
  • Building an outstanding exposure in international academia
Innovation Director
Dr. M. KhurshedAlam

Lab Managers
  1. Ms. Sarmin Akter
  2. to be named
Innovation Associate
Aminur Rahman

Student Research Ambassadors

Innovation Achievement
Program innovations
  • Developed an IGA Mapping model
  • Proposed reserve seats for women in buses
  • Developed a policy for the old-home operation
  • Made the maternity allowance a national program
Academic Innovations
  • Developed a new classification of governments
  • Developed a theory of Muslim social stratification
  • Developed a theory of movement against the government when misgovernance emerges
  • Developed a theory of disaster benefit for women
  • Developed a theory of bulge hunger in case of corruption
  • Developed a theory of poverty reduction
  • Developed a theory for explaining the discriminatory behavior in the case of male and female migrants
  • Developed a theory of transactional bureaucracy
  • Developed a concept of women in D-Box
  • Developed a concept of rational indifference
Technology innovations

Developed a disability-friendly system that permits a disable person to move through footpath with a wheelchair but prevents a motorbiker or cyclist to use it.

Innovation Blog
Issues that will be covered under this blog include

a. Problems which are giving trouble to people
b. Possible solution to a social or environmental problem

For your query, please contact:

Ms. Sarmin Akter
Communication Head

Email: bisr.innovation@bisrbd.org;
Mobile: +8801773620932 (off.)