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Research Collaboration

We are interested to pursue research works through collaboration with different national and international research organizations, universities and agencies in common areas of interest. We go for signing MoU for research, internship program for local and international students, and training for professionals.
Our main areas of interest include social, gender and child, environment and climate change, disaster, peasants and labour, trade and commerce, food security, public health, slums and urbanization, crime and human rights, economy and social economy. We are interested to do interdisciplinary works where other organizations’ expertise along with our expertise may work very well. We can go for a kind of prenuptial agreement among the organizations or individuals where we cover mutual role and responsibilities, team member’s role, agreement about authorship, effective regular communication with the team members, keeping minutes of the meeting, access to data, etc. as per nature of the research project. We can have collaboration in the case of pure, applied and action researches as well as in making innovations.