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Dr. M. Amir Hossain
Research Adviser
Bangladesh Institute of Social Research (BISR) Trust
Ph.D. in Environmental Statistics from Jadavpur University, India
Email: amir@isrt.ac.bd
No of Publication: 39 Journals, 2 Book Chapters

Dr. M. Amir Hossain is Professor the Institute of Statistical Research and Training, University of Dhaka. Have about twenty nine years of experience in teaching statistics and elementary mathematics at undergraduate and graduate levels. During this period he have taught different courses like: Introduction to Statistics, Probability and Probability Distributions, Research Methodology, Mathematical Methods, Linear Programming Problem, Operations Research, Industrial Statistics, Linear Algebra, Differential and Integral Calculus, Stochastic Process, etc. at undergraduate and graduate level. Apart from his regular teaching activities in the University of Dhaka, he have been involved in different private and public Universities of Bangladesh as adjunct faculty and teach courses like, Business Statistics, Quantitative Techniques, Research Methodology, etc.
Besides having a vast teaching experience at the university level by being a regular faculty of the University of Dhaka, he had been involved in different administrative positions like director of the Institute of Statistical Research and Training (ISRT) and provost of a hall (student dormitory). As the director of the institute for three years he was the administrative chief of the institute having more than 300 students at under graduate and graduate levels, around 30 faculty members, and 20 support staffs.
He is also involved in part time teaching in other universities with a very high level of reputation. He have been working as an adjunct faculty of the East West University, BRAC University, and DCLE (Study centre of London School of Economics in Bangladesh). He was also involved in part-time teaching in Department of Mathematics, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Department of Political Science, University of Dhaka.