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AKM Shahjahan
Bangladesh Institute of Social Research (BISR) Trust
Diplomagraringenieur, University of Leipzig
Email: consultantshahjahan@yahoo.com

AKM Shahjahan is professionally an engineer and associated with Bangladesh Institute of Social Research (BISR)Trust as an honorableTreasurer and a Trustee.
He obtained Diplomagraringenieur degree from the prestigious University of Leipzig in 1976.Throughout his career, he worked with different national and international agencies like International Labour Office (ILO), World Bank, FAO, UNICEF, UNOPS, Grameen Trust, Bangladesh Academy of Rural Development, etc.
He was recruited as a National expert by FAO and carried out an appraisal on draft animal power (DAP) shortage in Bangladesh and developed a program of tillage mechanization in 1989. He assisted Bangladesh Academy of Rural Development as a National Consultant on the adaptation of appropriate technology and improvement of the rural farmer and women in Bangladesh. He also operated as a National Consultant with ILO from 2008 to 2018 on several projects and worked on Emergency Livelihood Restoration Program in Cyclone Affected Districts, developed potential competencies for TVET managers under vocational training institutional management, developed National Apprenticeship Strategy in coordination with NSDC and facilitated the assessment of Apprenticeship Program B-SEP Project. He worked as a team leader and consultant on different projects. As an expert consultant, he carried out necessary measures for the betterment of livelihood, restoration of livelihood, industrial skill development, climate resilient infrastructure improvement in coastal zone, poverty reduction, eradicating unemployment promoting appropriate technology, etc. while working with different organizations on different projects. AKM Shahjahan was elected twice in the Management Board of United Nations International Community Association (UNICA) as a member and is currently associated to People’s Health Movement (PHM) as a member from 2009. He has 5 publications published from different reputed journals.