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Shuva Das
Research Associate (Social and Gender Division)
BSS and MSS in International Relations
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University
Email: shuvadasbsmrstu@gmail.com
No of Publication: 1 Journal Article. Some of his contributions (3 journal articles) are under process of publication.

Shuva Das is currently working as a Research Associate at Social and Gender Division of the Bangladesh Institute of Social Research (BISR) Trust. He pursued BSS and MSS degrees in International Relations from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, Gopalganj, Bangladesh. His areas of research interest include Gender and Society, Religion, Ethnicity and Politics, and Government and Regimes. He has experiences of working as the Editor-in-Chief at the Atlas Institute for International Affairs, UK, and Executive Editor at the Voice of International Affairs, Bangladesh. Shuva’s works have appeared in International Affairs, The SAIS Review of International Affairs, Synergy: The Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies, Harvard International Review, The Oxford University Politics Blog, Strife, and Oxford Political Review, among others.