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BISR Trust publishes its research findings in the form of research articles in different international well reputed journals. Till December 2014 it has covered a total of 26 journals.

List of Publications
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19 Local People Perception on Extent of the Problem and Impact of Hill Cutting on Environment: A Case Study of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Stamford Journal of Environment and Human Habitat, 2: 48­53 (2013). View More
20 A Study on Exploration of Ethnobotanical Knowledge of Rural Community in Bangladesh: Basis for Biodiversity Conservation. ISRN Biodiversity, (2013). View More
21 Status, Diversity, and Traditional Uses of Homestead Gardens in Northern Bangladesh: A Means of Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation. ISRN Biodiversity, (2013). View More
22 Impacts of Carbon Dioxide Emission and Subsequent Rise of Temperature on Rice Production in Bangladesh: Implications for Food Security. International Research Journal of Environment Sciences, 2(9): 60-67 (2013). View More
23 Achieving the Millennium Development Goal for Under-five Mortality in Bangladesh: Current Status and Lessons for Issues and Challenges for Further Improvements. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 29(2): 92-102 (2011). View More
24 Violence, Negligence and Suicidal Tendency among Physically Disabled Street Children. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 5: 44-59 (2011). View More
25 Child Care Hygiene Practice of Women Migrating From Rural to Urban Areas of Bangladesh. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, XX(X): 1-11 (2011). View More
26 Mode of Adaptation of Coastal Dwellers: the Case of Bangladesh. Man and Development, XXXIII (3): 91-112 (2011). View More
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