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BISR Trust publishes its research findings in the form of research articles in different international well reputed journals. Till December 2014 it has covered a total of 26 journals.

List of Publications
No. Articles Name View More
11 Forest Dependent Indigenous Communities’ Perception and Adaptation to Climate Change through Local Knowledge in the Protected Area—A Bangladesh Case Study. Climate, 4(1), 12 (2016). View More
12 Playing with Fire: Islamism and Politics in Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Political Science, 23(2): 226-241 (2015). View More
13 Sea Level Rise and Resilience Strategy: A Review of Community Based Approach to Reduce Climate Change Vulnerability in Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management (accepted) (2015). View More
14 Why Bangladeshis are Leaving the Country by Boats? Locating the Global Roots of a Local Problem. Global Policy Journal, 1-2 (2015). View More
15 Assessment of Women Vulnerability in Disaster: an Investigation into the coastline area. Development Review, (2014). View More
16 Extending the Reach of Microcredit: A New Model for Poverty Alleviation through Livelihood Mapping in Bangladesh. Journal of Poverty Alleviation and International Development, 5(1): 75-97 (2014). View More
17 Population Structure and Curative Uses of Invasive Plants in and around the Protected Forests of Bangladesh: a Means of Utilization of Potential Invasive Species. Journal of Ecosystems, (2014). View More
18 Ecotourism and Protected Area Conservation in Bangladesh: a Case Study on Understanding the Visitors Views on Prospects and Development. Journal of Forest Science, 29(1): 15-28 (2013). View More
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