BISR Trust has three types of Fellowship Programmes namely Adjunct Researcher Fellowship Programme, Visiting Fellowship Programme and Research Fellow Programme

Adjunct Researcher Fellowship Programme

BISR Trust is sponsoring research articles to the Bangladeshi scholars (who have at least two research articles published in any recognized national or international journal) to complete his/her proposed selected research work and publishes research findings in international peer-reviewed journals.

Visiting Fellowship Programme

The Visiting Fellowship is a special programme of BISR Trust. This is a full time position. The programme envisages engaging Visiting Fellows with BISR Trust’s ongoing research activities or his/her own research activities for a specific period of time. The Visiting Fellow will work at the BISR Trust under sabbatical leave, fellowship, grant, etc. provisions provided by his/her institution and related bodies. In special cases, BISR Trust may draw up a specific contract with the Visiting Fellow with a view to carrying out a particular assignment. Both Bangladeshi and non-resident Bangladeshi academics and researchers are particularly welcomed to the position.

Research Fellow Programme

The Research Fellow Programme of the BISR Trust is designed to provide an opportunity to accomplish academics and researchers with demonstrated track record who are working in areas of interest as expressed in BISR Trust’s current research programme for a specific period of time.