International Publications7

BISR Trust publishes its research findings in the form of research articles in different national and international well reputed journals. Till December 2014 it has covered a total of 26 journals.

List of Publications
  1. Khurshed_Alam(2004)_Government_and_politics_an_analytical_framework.pdf
  2. Khurshed_Alam(2005)_Towards_a_theory_of_muslim_social_stratification.pdf
  3. Khurshed_Alam(2006)_Peoples_Power_in_third_world_democracy.pdf
  4. Khurshed_Alam(2007)_Social_aspects_of_water_management_engineering.pdf
  5. Khurshed_Alam(2008)_Problems_of_Northern_Bangladesh_as_Reflected_in_a_National_Daily.pdf
  6. Khurshed_Alam(2009)_Forced_labour_in_Bangladesh.pdf
  7. Khurshed_Alam(2011)_Mode_of_adaptation_of_coastal_dwellerrs.pdf
  8. Khurshed_Alam(2011_Formation_of_trade_union_in_Bangladesh_(Bengali).pdf
  9. Khurshed_Alam(2013)_Sexual_harassement_of_domestic_workers_an_anthropological_study.pdf
  10. Khurshed_Alam(2014)_Extending_the_Reach_of_Microcredit.pdf
  11. Achieving the Millennium Development Goal for Under-five Mortality in Bangladesh: Current Status and Lessons for Issues and Challenges for Further Improvements. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 29 (2): 92–102 (April 2011)
  12. Violence, Negligence and Suicidal Tendency among Physically Disabled Street Children. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 5(1): 44–59 (February 2011), DOI: 10.1111/j.1753-1411.2010.00048.x
  13. Factors associated with teenage marital pregnancy among Bangladeshi women. Reproductive Health, 8:16 (May 2011), DOI: 10.1186/1742-4755-8-16
  14. Socioeconomic determinants of age at first birth in rural areas of Bangladesh. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 21(1):104-111 (November 2008), DOI: 10.1177/1010539508329207
  15. Child care hygiene practices of women migrating from rural to urban areas of Bangladesh. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 25(4):345-355 (September 2011), DOI: 10.1177/1010539511420132
  16. An assessment of risk behaviours for HIV/AIDS among young female garment workers in Bangladesh. International Journal of STD & AIDS, 21(2):133-137 (February 2010), DOI: 10.1258/ijsa.2008.008455.
  17. Ecotourism and Protected Area Conservation in Bangladesh: a Case Study on Understanding the Visitors Views on Prospects and Development. Journal of Forest Science, 29(1): 15-28
  18. Status, Diversity, and Traditional Uses of Homestead Gardens in Northern Bangladesh: A Means of Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation. ISRN Biodiversity, Article ID 124103, Volume 2013, 11 pages (
  19. A Study on Exploration of Ethnobotanical Knowledge of Rural Community in Bangladesh: Basis for Biodiversity Conservation. ISRN Biodiversity, Article ID 369138, Volume 2013, 10 pages (
  20. Population Structure and Curative Uses of Invasive Plants in and around the Protected Forests of Bangladesh: a Means of Utilization of Potential Invasive Species. Journal of Ecosystems, Volume 2014, Article ID 249807, 14 pages (
  21. Women in natural disasters: A case study from southern coastal region of Bangladesh. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 8 (2014) 68–82
  22. Extending the Reach of Microcredit: A New Model for Poverty Alleviation through Livelihood Mapping in Bangladesh. Journal of Poverty Alleviation and International Development, 5(1): 75-97, June (2014)
  23. Impacts of Carbon Dioxide Emission and Subsequent Rise of Temperature on Rice Production in Bangladesh: Implications for Food Security. International Research Journal of Environment Sciences, 2(9), 60-67, September (2013).
  24. Playing with Fire: Islamism and Politics in Bangladesh
  25. Daily Janakantha News.pdf