Existing Researcher

1. Dr. M. Khurshed Alam
   Social and Gender Divison
   PhD in Sociology, India
   No.of Publication: 34 articles, 7 books, 3 book chapters, 6 manuals
2. Dr. G. C. Haldar 
   Director (Research & Development)
   Peasant and Labour Division
   No. of Publication: 86 articles
3. Md. Habibur Rahman
   Research Fellow (Environment & Climate Change Division)
   M.Sc in Climate Change and Development (IUB)
   M.Sc in Forestry (SUST)
   No. of Publication: 22 articles, 2 books, 3 book chapters
4. Moumita Paul
   Research Associate (Crime and Human Rights Division)
   MS in Criminology & Police Science
   Mawlana Bhashani University of Science & Technology
   No. of Publication: 2 articles
5. Dr. Saiful Karim
   Agriculture Expert (Peasant and Labour Division)
   PhD in Bio-production Science, Japan
   No. of Publication: 3 articles
6. Aminur Rahman
   Research Officer (Social and Gender Division)
   MSS in Anthropology
   Jagannath University
   No. of Publication: 2 articles
7. Ashir-In-Tishar
   Research Officer (Economic Division)
   MSS in Economics
   Shahjalal University of Science & Technology
   No. of Publication: 1 article
8. Md. Feroz Alam
   Fund Raising and Communication Officer
   MS in Geography& Environmental Studies
   University of Chittagong