Existing Researcher

1. Dr. M. Khurshed Alam
   PhD in Sociology, India
   No. of Publication: 32 articles, 7 books, 6 manuals
2. Dr. Zerina Shahnaz Akkas 
   Research Fellow   
   PhD in International Political Economy (Japan), 
   Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Graduate School of Humanities 
   and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan, 
   No. of Publication: 1
3. Dr. Md. Zahidul Haque 
   Research Fellow   
   PhD in Biotic Environment Secience, 
   IWATE Univeristy, Japan, 
   No. of Publication: 3 
4. Mubashar Hasan
   Research Fellow,
   PhD Candidate in Political Science
   Griffith University, Australia
   No. of Publication: 12
5. Md. Habibur Rahman
   Research Fellow
   MS in Forestry
   Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
   No. of Publication: 20
6. Muhammad Abul Foysal
   Research Fellow
   PhD in Development Studies (ongoing)
   Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)
   No. of Publication: 05
7. Dr. MH Faruquee 
   Adjunct Research Fellow, 
   Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, 
   Bangladesh University of Health Sciences
8. Mohammad Salim Uddin
   Adjunct Research Fellow, 
   PhD Fellow, Natural Resources Institute, 
   University of Manitoba, Canada
9. Khan Ferdousar Rahman 
   Adjunct Research Fellow, 
   Department of Environmental Science, 
   State University of Bangladesh
10. Moumita Paul
   Research Associate
   MS in Criminology & Police Science
   Mawlana Bhashani University of Science & Technology
   No. of Publication: 1
11. Isfaqul Kabir Sarker 
    Research Associate 
    MSS in Development Studies
    University of Dhaka 
    No. of Publication: 1