BISR Backdrop

Bangladesh Institute of Social Research (BISR) Trust is an independent, non-profit, non-party multi-disciplinary think tank established in 2002 with an aim to conduct research on various fundamental and critical development issues of Bangladesh. The organization goes with publication of its research findings in the form of article mainly in different international journals. Till August 2017, it has published its research findings in 30 international journals. It awards some adjunct fellowships each year. It organizes the seminar, workshop and dialogue from time to time on current development issues. So far BISR have successfully completed 55 research studies covering climate change, disaster management, water and sanitation, biodiversity conservation, socio-economic, micro-credit, micro-enterprise, market, labour, ethnic, marginal and exclusive group, public health, and institutional development, etc.

The BISR is housed at Lalmatia, Dhaka and is constituted as a trust under The Trusteeship Act of 1882. It is governed by a Board of Trustees. Furthermore, the BISR is also comprised of Research Fellows, Sociologists, Research Associates, Analysts, and Administrative Assistants who have wide ranging experiences in the field of academia, public, social and economic aspects. The organization follows an Annual Research Plan (ARP) every calendar year focusing on contemporary socio-economic and environmental issues of Bangladesh and also follows Annual Publication Plan (APP) following two phases (Jan-June and July-December) for disseminating its research findings to national and international communities. The organization conducts multi-disciplinary studies following both quantitative and qualitative methods, technical and socio-economic methods, impart training to the multidisciplinary research teams in preparing, designing and completing research projects. The organization adheres to the need-based and problem-oriented research including action and pilot researches. It is imparting SPSS and research methodology training to officials of different public and private organizations including university teachers and NGO officials.